Composite Restorations: “White” or “tooth colored fillings”

When decay is diagnosed on a tooth and beyond the point of remineralizaton a filling is required. This begins with the numbing of the area, removal of the decayed part of the tooth using a highspeed drill and then filled with a composite resin or tooth colored filling which restores the tooth to full contour so that you are able to function with it.

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When decay affects a certain part of the tooth, and as an alternative to conventional fillings with composite, inlays may be recommended. They are lab fabricated restorations made either of gold, porcelain, or zirconia. These restorations provide a stronger chewing surface and better sealing of the affected area of the tooth.




When decay or fracture affects multiple cusps of a single tooth and onlay may be recommended. Onlays are an alternative to full coverage crowns in the respect that they are more conservative in preparation and thus need less of the tooth to be reduced. These can be either made of zirconia, gold, or porcelain.