Scaling and Root Planning - "Deep Cleaning"

In some cases the swelling of the gums, or Gingivitis as it is better known, due to heavy plaque accumulation can lead to the incidence of “pocketing”. Pocketing is the space between the edge of your gums and where the actual bone resides. This “pocket” continues to trap more plaque leading to more swelling and in severe cases loss of bone which itself is known as Periodontitis. Scaling and Root planning allows us to clean these pockets by remove the plaque below the gumline to the level of where the bone resides. In removing the plaque, this allows for the reduction of swelling therefore reduction of the pocket so that future trapping of plaque will be reduced as well. In cases where the bone loss is severe, the bone usually does not grow back and therefore regular cleaning and checkup are required to maintain what bone is left.



Gingival (Gum) Surgery

In some cases, Gingival or Gum surgery may be necessary to save a tooth or help reduce the presences of pockets. These serves are completed by a Periodontist which we refer to if such services are needed.