When a tooth is fractured beyond what a conventional filling, inlay, or onlay can repair, a full coverage crown may be recommended. Full coverage crowns encompass the entire surface of the tooth and acts as a “protective helmet” to prevent further fracture and allow for everyday use.  We offer Gold, Porcelain, and Zirconia crowns depending on the case and the patients needs.






If you are missing a tooth between two existing teeth a bridge may be recommended to restore the area affected by the missing tooth. This requires the preparation of the two adjacent teeth which act as anchors hold the bridge and false tooth in a fixed position. This is a great alternative to a dental implant, but does require the cutting of two possibly healthy teeth to do so. 




For patients looking to revitalize their smile, veneers are a fantastic option. Veneers much like crowns, require the re-shaping and reduction of the tooth or teeth in question to allow for a porcelain jacket or Veneer to be placed over it. This allows us to change the contour and color of teeth to the patient’s specifications. While not ideal in all cases, thorough consultation will determine what the best option is.